Inactive Licence Request

Insurance licensees who temporarily do not have an authority to represent an employer or a contract with an insurer may request to make their licence temporarily inactive.

Not sure if changing your licence to Inactive makes sense for your situation? See our infosheet: What Licence Status is Right for me?

Inactive Licence: Request

A licensee request to make their licence temporarily inactive must be made in writing within 5 business days of the change to becoming inactive.


Inactive Licence: Licensee Requirements

A licensee whose licence is inactive:

  • Must not act as an insurance agent.
  • Does not need to carry Errors and Omissions insurance.
  • Does not require an employer or a contract.

A licensee whose licence is inactive must continue to meet the following licensee responsibilities and requirements:


Inactive Licence: Change Licence to Active Status

Requests to change a licence status to active must be made to Council in writing.

Before making a licence active after a period of being inactive, a licensee must demonstrate to Council:

Download and complete the Add Authoritization To Represent Form